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Ensuring help is always there


Ensuring help is always there

With effect from Saturday 30th April 2022, our Out of Hours service will be provided by Vets Now, Edinburgh 

Emergencies Out of Hours

Vets Now is the pet equivalent of an accident and emergency service, dedicated to providing pets with access to a vet out of hours. It’s all they do. 

Based in Edinburgh, their vets and vet nurses are specially trained to deal with pet emergencies. Because they don’t work during the day, they’ll be up and ready to see your pet at the time you need them.
Vets Now has been providing dedicated out-of-hours emergency pet care across the UK for more than 15 years, and now responds to almost half-a-million pet emergencies every year.

We believe our partnership offers you and your pet the very best level of care, day and night.

Vets Now Edinburgh

2B Hutchison Crossway
EH14 1RR

Tel: 0131 444 0990

All vet clinics in our area are very busy, most working at capacity with reduced resource. All practices have made arrangements for their ooh provision, and we would ask our clients to use our provider when required. This avoids putting further strain on another practice, and avoids them having to refuse a request and refer you back to our provider.