The Grahams Road Veterinary Clinic was founded in Falkirk nearly 90 years ago. The Clinic is the last Mixed Practice left in Falkirk - which is to say, it still treats all the domestic and pet species. The Veterinary Surgeons have nearly 50 years of experience between them.

A dedicated team of 3 caring, qualified Veterinary Nurses and support staff help the 6 Veterinary Surgeons in their work.

The Practice is an Approved Veterinary Nurse Training Centre and a Tier 2 Practice under the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Practice Standards Scheme - just one step below Veterinary Hospital. The Practice takes Veterinary Students from the various Veterinary Colleges as part of their training and teaches some of the more practical aspects of Veterinary Medicine. GRVC is also a member of the Feline Advisory Bureau, and takes a keen interest in it’s work and goals. We are extremely proud to say that we have a separate Cattery area now (as well as refurbished Kennels) where sick and recovering patients can rest in a less stressful environment.

All members of the clinical staff undertake continued professional development training to improve their skills and abilities. This training covers the range of species that are treated by the Practice - from Lop Ear Rabbits to Clydesdale Horses, and everything in between.

Not all practices have achieved these standards of staff training, staff professionalism and practice accreditation - these standards are not easy to achieve and maintain. We view them as essential, but they have a cost which can give rise to other practices appearing cheaper - you may not be comparing like with like if cost is the only comparison you use : ask what training the staff responsible for your pet have received and ask what Standards the practice has reached. Not all practices are the same.

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